Media Relations

Dealing with the media, whether print, radio or television can be difficult. With the right training and knowledge you can utilise all forms of media as a means of communicating company messages with successful results.

Editorials, Media Releases and Case Studies are a way to provide information about your company without the costs of advertising. Advertising is expensive, editorials and case studies are cheap.

Media Releases are a means of promoting new products, new technological advancements, changes to your company and any other information that is relevant and of interest to the general public.
Case Studies and Editorials are a more detailed means of showing your product or service in a ‘real or true’ application. This can be done by selecting an existing customers application, showing their personal satisfaction over the product and highlighting the benefits of the product to that specific customer.
Case Studies can be a successful form of lead attainment as new customers can relate to the application and therefore see themselves with a similar solution.
Media Releases and Case Studies require research and can take over a month to finalise when working with existing customers. Once written they can also be used in a Flyer format and be distributed as a Direct Mail piece to attain new business opportunities. Sending a Direct Mailer out at the same time as the Case Studies are published in relevant print mediums can work to your advantage. New business may read the article at the same time as they receive the mailer thus strengthening your message and credibility.


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